Luna 2 is a bridge
between product suppliers and retailers


What is Luna 2?

Luna 2 was the first spacecraft to reach the surface of the Moon.The concept of  our Luna 2 is to help products launch to new unknown market. We have been running retail and distribution  for years and we understand the current supply chain can be improved in various aspect :

  • Discovery between Product suppliers and Retailers 
  • Reduce Low-value and repetitive work 
  •  Select the right partner with analytics


Expand Product Market is Hard

After you have created a product, you have done a great job but just half of it.  One of the most challenging step is product market expansion. You have to leverage locals to expand new markets, however,  traditional ways of expansion may not satisfy. We are are providing an alternative for you to launch faster with better experience.


Source Products are Hard as well

Online and Offline retailers are suffering from having new products because product life cycle is getting shorter but product launching to mass market takes long time. It’s not easy for retailers to find the right products to stay competitive.

Luna 2