Aug 28
AI Data Analytic Platform provides insights for retail stores

In May, we had an interview with the Hong Kong Economic Times (HKET). The following is…

Aug 26
4 reasons you should adapt your store to retail-as-a-service

What is retail-as-a-service Retail-as-a-service is a package of services that provides…

Aug 19
Offline channels should not be underrated

ROLLS has raised over NT$1M on Zec Zec after 1-week experience showcase. 90% retail…

Aug 16
ROLLS 1-week experience showcase

ROLLS has raised over NT$1M on Zec Zec after 1-week experience showcase. Retail as a…

Aug 13
Connect Taiwan Top Innovations🇹🇼

Luna2 is a community filled with creative products, you can establish a connection a…

Aug 12
Top 5 Retail as a Service

What is retail as a service? Think of your products not as being displayed on racks…

Aug 12
Luna2 Evolves The Retail Industry

The retail industry is needed to change Many companies have been trying to use…

Jun 06
[Trendsetter] Visually Impaired People Can Now “See” A Watch

Eone The Bradley makes everyone have the equality to enjoy ‘time’. Eone The Bradley…

Jun 05

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg created the Sleeping Box for his wife. The bottom of the…

Jun 05

Suits give a formal and rigorous impression. Many people think that suit is not…

Apr 03
Achieving Retail Anywhere

Retail Anywhere is one of Backers’ Vision. We believe that apart from physical…

Mar 20
20 March 2019

Performance optimisation Supports sales projection analytics

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