Fuel Better Consumer Experience & Drive Business with Valuable Insights by GS1 HK

Shoppers are looking for a different in-store experience: more information, more personalization and more convenience. GS1 Hong Kong’s Smart Tray is packed with the latest IoT (RFID & video analytics) and AI (data analytics and predictive analysis) technologies, transforming retailers into connected, data-driven smart retail; creating a richer, more personalized experience for customers and drive sales & marketing for retailers.

Interactive shopping experience & real time customer engagement.

Connected retail platform that enables immediate on-line purchase and direct check out.

Deep understanding of consumer profile & behavior.

Drive sales with innovative in-store marketing.

Guided selling with accurate & latest product information.

Data-driven marketing based on customer insights.

Integrate with digital coupon solution to optimise promotion effectiveness.

Integrated technologies of IoT, AI and video analytics.

Sales Performance
Consumer Profiling & Segmentation
Product Popularity

Smart Tray, serves as a key point for shoppers' data collection. With the use of video analytics technology, you can obtain in-depth shopper information on demographics, sales, purchase patterns, and the popularity of specific items etc.


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