International Retail Collaboration

Assess innovative product sources and retail spaces around the globe.

Click to enter a market

Your product can enter a market by just sit back and clicking with your mouse.


There're no middlemen on Luna2. You have control of your product, location, and pricing strategies.

Boundary free communication

Direct communication with your potential business partner through our on-site chatbot.

One stop launch

From browsing, communicating, payment, to product onboard, all can be done on Luna2.

Transparent performance and reputation

Access previous reviews of products and retail spaces by granting the chance to read reviews from past product placements.

More target group

With easier access to retail places in different locations, you can bring your product to more target group.

More physical experience

Offline product placement provide physical experience for customers who still prefer experience the product before purchasing.

More showcase opportunity

With Luna2, you can launch your products in different locations to reach greater scale of market.

Lower cost per view

Placing your product in an existing retail space causes you 20% lower cost per view.

Build Trust

Placing your product in existing retail places can allow you to borrow brand credibility from them so new users will trust you too.

Higher customer spending

28% higher customer spending as they are more willing to purchase after gaining trust from product experience in person.

Insight (coming soon)

Aggregate information about your potential business partners' geography, interests, business direction, and behaviours.

Matching recommendation
(coming soon)

Potential collaboration opportunity suggestions according to your interests.

Understand the neighbourhood (coming soon)

Provide you with the neighbourhood insight of the retail space to understand the consumer profile and traffic expectation.

Luna 2