Becoming a retail shelf provider

Becoming a retail shelf provider

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How do I create a listing on Luna2?

You can follow the instructions in the guide below to create a retail shelf listing on Luna2.

1. Click the dropdown box on the top right corner
2. Select “List Store”
3. Click “Buy Package”, Luna2 will not charge any listing fee
4. Fill the company & store information, if you are willing to rent out your empty space, don’t forget to fill “Fee” & ” Amenities ” column

Who can be a retailer on Luna2?

Anyone who has a retail space to rent out can be a retailer. You can sign up and list your space in almost any location in the world.

What legal and regulatory issues should I consider before listing the retail shelf on Luna2?

It is important for you to understand the details of your retail place contract when you decide whether to become a retailer on Luna2.

What regulations apply to my city?

As a platform and marketplace, we don’t provide legal advice, but it’s important for you to understand the laws in your city. For example, Business Licenses – many cities and counties require owners or operators of certain businesses to apply for and obtain a license before the business can be operated. Many local governments have sections of their websites explaining the business licensing process. and providing you with relevant forms and information. Contact your city or county for more information.

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