Consignment/ Drop-shipping model (retail channel)

Consignment/ Drop-shipping model (retail channel)

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Get help to connect with retail channels from start to finish. Learn how consignment and drop-shipping work.


How does consignment work on Luna2?

1. Accept or decline product

The preferred business model will be clarified by luna2. Once both parties (product suppliers & retail channels) are agreed with the terms. Please share delivery information.

2. Arrange inventory and display

Inventory and product sample (optional by product suppliers) will be arranged to channel office/ warehouse.

3. Billing terms

  1. Consignment means stocks will be placed in the retail channel. Payment shall be settled with luna2 monthly once sales are made by the retail channel.
  2. Please send the sales report within 7 business days at the end of the month.
  3. Invoices will be issued by luna2. Please fulfill the bill within 7 business days.


How does drop-shipping work on luna2?

1. Pass the order to luna2

Please inform luna2 when a drop-shipping order occurs. Order information can be sent via email, whatsapp, intercom etc.

Order information include delivery address, phone number, name of the contact person, product name, retail price, quantity.

2. Luna2 issue invoice

An invoice will be issued by luna2. Payment needs to be settle when order occurred.

3. Arrange shipment to end-customer

Once the invoice is fulfilled, order will be shipped from the product supplier.

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