Finding a market to enter

Finding a market to enter

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How to find a market that suitable for your product. Learn how to search for a local retailer by specific characteristics, such as category, how long a retailer has to respond to your booking, and when and how you should communicate with the retailer.

Finding a market

How do I search for a market to enter?

When you search for a market to enter on luna2, you can use filters to narrow down and read the description of different retail space to get the idea of whether the customer profile suits your product.

To search a market to enter:

  1. Click Find Retailers on, enter keywords. Or select your preferred continent, expected Facebook likes and demographics.
  2. Click search.
  3. Scroll through the listings or use the map to find listings in the location you want.
  4. Click on a listing to open it. To learn more about it, read the description, check the available services, technical support, online data, demographic information, online data and see the reviews that other product providers have left for the retailer.
  5. If you have any questions, send a message to the retailer. Or, if you’re ready to book, request to book the listing(or use the instant book if the retailer has turned it on).

You can also save your favourite retailers in Save to keep them on hand for later or share on your social media.

Can I view a listing before I book?

We highly encourage all product providers and retailers to complete the whole booking procedure through our website before shipping products or meeting in person to best ensure their safety and privacy.

There are varies ways to get more information about the retailer, including

  • private messaging
  • reviews
  • photography
  • social media

What type of listing is great for long product placement?

If you are looking for a listing for long product placement, you should see if the listing has positive reviews and the amount of them. We also recommend you to first look into the maximum number of days a product provider can book, which you can find out from the calendar by clicking request to book.

How is the price determined for my booking?

Since Luna2 does not charge any handling fee. The total price of a booking is based on the retailer proposed plus Luna2 commission.

How do I use search filters?

If you want to narrow down the options of your search when looking for a market to enter, you can use search filters. You can always start your search by choosing your preferred continent, Facebook likes, and demographics.

How do I manage my list of saved retailers?

After you click the Save button, the listing will be added into the saved list for you to keep track of listings you like. You can find the save list by clicking your profile dropdown on the top right-hand corner, then click Saved Listing. To remove any listing, you can click the heart button.

How do I know if a listing is available?

All listings that show on your search is available for everyone to book. To learn more about their exact vacancy, you can click request to book and see their calendar.

While we strongly encourage all retailers to keep their calendars up-to-date, consider sending a message to retailers to double-check that their retail space is still available. You can also message the retailer to ask for other details about their retail space.

What is neighbourhood?

Neighbourhood is a way to help product providers to understand whether the consumer profile and traffic fit their product, which ensures they make informed decisions about where to launch their product.

How do I search by neighbourhood?

To help you to decide which market to enter, you can search by neighbourhood for continent and demographics.

To search by neighbourhood:

  1. Search for a continent on retailers/
  2. Under the keywords search bar, select the neighbourhood you want to search.

You can also browse the neighbourhood by clicking different locations on the map on the left-hand side.

On the listing profiles, there is neighbourhood information about the retailer. You can find, for example, the number of shops and distance from the closest supermarket, which reflect the amount the traffic and customer base in that area.

How can I tell if a listing allows my product?

To find out if your product suitable for a listed retail space, check the service available section on its profile. You can find the size of the space, technology support, and customer education etc. For example, if your product is a device, you will need to see if they supply power socket and wifi connection.

Sending a booking request

How do I submit a booking request?

If you’re ready to book a retail space on Luna2, you can send a booking request to the retailer. If you’re unsure about the listing or it’s availability, you can also send a message to the host through our intercom.

To send a booking request:

  1. On a listing, click request to book.
  2. Select the period of time that you’d like to place your product. (Note: minimum placement period is 30 days)
  3. Review your booking details and ensure all everything is correct.
  4. Wait for the retailer to respond.

If your request is accepted, you’ll receive a notification that tells you how to make the payment and your next steps to place your product.

How do I contact a retailer before booking?

If you want to find out more about the listing before booking, send them a message on Luna2 through our on-site intercom.

To message a retailer before booking:

  1. On, go to the listing of the retailer you want to contact.
  2. Click message on the listing page.
  3. Write your message and click send.

For your privacy, you can’t call or email retailers before your booking request is accepted.

How much time does a retailer have to respond to my booking request?

How do I book a retailer shelf or exhibition space on Luna2?

On Luna2, when you book a space, you’re making arrangements to play your product in a retail space. The style of each retailer is varied, starting with how they like to get to know their product providers. Some retailers want to review before accepting the booking, while others prefer letting you book their space instantly without waiting.

Complete your profile

It is important to complete your profile before you request a booking with a retailer, hence, they know what product are you offering when they confirm. Your profile should include sufficient description and photos for a rational idea for the retailer.

Find the right market

Our listings are all over the world, you’ll need to make sure the place you choose provides you with the technical support and suitable customer base for your product.

When searching for a retail space, make sure to study the descriptions, term summary, service available, reviews, and neighbourhood to see if they fit your product. You can always contact the retailer if you have any questions about their retail space.

Book it

If you’ve found the ideal place, it’s time to make things happen. The followings are the ways that how retailer preferred how to confirm your booking request.

Instant book

For retailers who don’t want to approve each reservation, you’ll see a button on their listing that says instant book. You can confirm a booking from these listings. However, if the availability of the space went wrong, the retailer will message you and rearrange the booking with you.

Request to book

Some retailers prefer to review and accept booking before they’re final. In this case, you’ll see a button on their listing says request to book. The retailer will either accept or cancel your request, and a payment method notification will be sent to you once your request is accepted.

What does each booking status mean?

What is the license or registration number field?

What are the requirements to book on Luna2?

We ask everyone who uses Luna2 for a few pieces of information before they book any retail space. These information helps to make sure retailers know what to expect and how to contact the product providers.

Luna2 requirements for product providers include:

  • Company name
  • Email address
  • Contact number
  • Company and product description

Product providers are encouraged to have a profile photo. Since retailers will not see the product provider’s real email addresses, having your profile photo allows retailers to recognise you from the temporary Luna2 email address that forwards their messages.

Some retailers may also ask product providers to provide proof of license or certificate before confirming the booking.

Contacting retailers

Should I book if I have not heard back from the retailer?

Once you’ve discovered a suitable listing for your product, we recommend you to message the retailer to doublecheck the availability and their retail support services if you still have any confusion.

Message the retailer before requesting

Unless it is an instant book listing for you, you’ll have to make a booking request that the retailer accepts your product placement. You can message the retailer before requesting as they can answer your question about their retail space, such as customer service style and equipment supply, as well as the availability of their space. You can contact the retailers using the messaging function just underneath the cover photo of the product page.

The retailer isn’t responding

If a retailer hasn’t responded, consider reaching out to other retailers in that area. You can message as many retailers as you want.

What should I do if I can’t get in touch with my retailer?

If you are not getting any response from the retailer after settling the payment, you can reach our Luna2 support team for assistant by messaging us through the intercom.

How do I view and send messages?

Messaging on Luna2 starts when a product provider makes an inquiry. Afterwards, all messages related to that inquiry or booking request will appear in your inbox.

To view or send a message

  1. Go to your Message on the top right-hand corner on the page.
  2. Read the messages or write new messages.
  3. Press send to send out your message.

Why am I getting declined by a booking that is available?

If your booking request is declined while the listing appears to be available, the retailer’s calendar may not be up-to-date or they may want bookings of a different period of time.

We encourage retailers to keep their calendars up-to-date but sometimes mistakes happen.

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