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Luna 2 Retailer Spotlight - Backer Stores

Luna 2 retailer spotlight will be sharing impressive retailers’ story from Luna 2’s community. You will be able to learn the strategies and methods they are using to stay competitive in the market.

According to KPMG’s report about Global Retail Trend 2019, one of the biggest trends is experiential retail, which empowers brands deeply connect with consumers. For example, the Apple Store has achieved a huge success in connecting its consumers with its flagship retail stores.

However, unlike Apple, Microsoft or Samsung, some other brands do not have a marketing budget to build up their own flagship retail store, or even pop-up store (Samsung has invested many financial resources into Pop-up store). With these opportunities, some start-ups are trying to provide retail-as-a-service for these brands to connect consumers with Micro-experiential space.

In the US, B8ta is the pioneer of experiential retail with 24 spots in the US. And in Taiwan, there are Backer Stores which is located in Xinyi District, prime location in Taipei. While B8ta is focusing on providing retail analytics, Backer Stores is specializing in collecting customer feedback and feature demonstration.

In this digital age, why do you decide to open physical store?

Digital exposure provide clear message to consumers, but it lacks of engagement like human touch and interaction to deeper connection with target audience. We are not aiming to replace digital marketing tools, but to complement them by merging the online and offline experience. As a result, brands increase over 50% sales in general, merging online and offline strategy.

It’s easier to collect user feedback in brick and mortar, since they can interact with the product and our experience specialist. Our trained specialist demonstrate key product features, assist customer interact in a right way, also collect feedback during interaction.

How Luna 2 have helped you grow?

Luna2 provides a platform to list our space, similar listing on AirBnb. It improved our operation efficiency, so we can focus on providing the best customer experience and feedback collection. We have no need to create an extra platform for creators to reserve our spaces for marketing . 

Basically 90% of products are connected through Luna 2. On average, products are being listed on our store for 3+ months and those products helped improve 35% of traffic and 20% increase in earnings.

What makes Backer Stores grow?

I would say it’s product mix. Our product mix includes different themes in our store like IOT products, Travel gadgets,etc. And our theme will change from time to time so that customers will come here frequently to check out some new surprise.

Product presese is also important to our growth. Most of the products we have chosen has strong online presence with high crowdfunding amount, media presence. These products have driven traffic to our store, so that we have new customers and cross-sell other products.

Land Market with Luna2.

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