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Market Insight: Loyalty Programme

Many entrepreneur knows they needs to find retail space and showroom to display their products for more exposure and sales, but many entrepreneur may miss this – loyalty programme. If you are looking for alternative retail outlet, this article will help you.

Loyalty Programme Stats

  • Members of loyalty programs generate between 12 and 18% more incremental revenue growth per year than non-members (Accenture)
  • 75% of companies see a return on investment from their loyalty program. Only 6% do not, and the rest simply aren’t tracking (Experian)
  • 66.3% of millennials indicate that they are more likely to shop from stores where they are part of a loyalty program (Aruba)

Trend: Diverse industry and offerings

To stay competitive in the market, companies from different industries are offering loyalty programmes to their loyal members, including airlines, hotels, credit card, coffee shops, etc..


A wide range of rewards has been offered to retain customer loyalty. And there are main types of it. If you are looking for placing your product in loyalty programme for more exposure and sales, this will help you have a better understanding.

1. Own company's service / product promotion

Offering a company’s own service / products is a common strategy among loyalty programme, since the cost of its would be the cheapest. Starbuck reward program can redeem coffee. Marriott Rewards can redeem their room with a cheaper rate.

Get Starbucks Food & Beverage with "stars"
Marriot loyalty programme to redeem rooms

2. Promotion from third party

Nowadays, you can buy different entertainment with loyalty programme rewards, whether it is Ed Sheeran concert or superbowl ticket.Not only music or sport entertainment, many loyalty programme also offers dining promotion. These promotions are usually not attractive as a company’s promotion.

American Express Loyalty Programme

3. Product Marketplace

This is a growing trend in the loyalty programme market. Integrating product marketplace can provide a wide range of choices to consumers easily, and the cost of acquisition is lower compared to promotion from third party. Asia Miles is a huge success case. 

More about Asia Miles

Very sophisticated loyalty programme with great amount of members and partners.

  •  800+ partners to earn points
  • Members: 11 million+
  • Included Categories: Electronics, Home, Travel, Food & Wine, Fashion and Accessories, Sports & Leisure, Health & Beauty


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