Luna2 Evolves The Retail Industry

The retail industry is needed to change

Many companies have been trying to use technology to improve or even change the way of operation of different industries. The founders were originally the owners of Backers, a retail business in Hong Kong. They recognised that the traditional cooperation method between product suppliers and retailers has gradually become unsuitable for the current business environment.

Traditionally, the way how businesses seek potential partners to actual collaboration is inefficient and cost-ineffective. It has caused so many businesses to fail to keep up with the shortening product life cycle.

Moreover, many start-ups have the problem of finding the right retail channel, so that potential products could not get the opportunity to launch into the mass market. This problem has also led to another problem, which is the declining product diversity in the market. And consumers are the final sufferer.      

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Why Luna2 is the solution?

Therefore, with the advantage of having a technology background, our founders built this retail business development platform – Luna2. With the aid of AI technology and big data to analyse consumers behaviour, more effective retail advice and business matching services can be provided. 

Luna2 believes that the service it provides can highly reduce the cost of procurement, grow the business efficiency and increase the competitiveness of a company. It can also recommend the most suitable point of sale for products and bring greater diversity to the mass market. 

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Luna2 does the dirty work for you

Over 200 companies, including local and foreign companies, have already registered on Luna2. Products and retailers have started to match with their potential business partners. Meanwhile, Luna2 is continuously developing new functions and optimising the AI analysis technology. The goal is to complete the entire online supply chain process, including browsing products and retail spaces, booking product placement service, payment, in-site communication, and logistics tracking. It expects the operation mode of the retail industry will be eventually evolved. 

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