Offline channels should not be underrated

ROLLS has raised over NT$1M on Zec Zec after 1-week experience showcase.

90% retail sales take place offline

Many businesses describe online shopping as convenient and cost-effective. Yet, while the lastest researches predict that online retail sales will keep ascending, around 90% of retail sales still take place in-store. The latest addition to Facebook’s B2B inventory backs up this idea that an offline presence is still a hugely important asset for retailers. 

Still, offline retail might not be the preferred channel for small businesses to start to reach the mass market. But we’ve proofed that it should not be underrated. 

Offline engagement makes big different

ROLLS placed their Instant Roll Umbrella, which is still in crowdfunding progress, in Backers Experience for a week. Data shows that offline showcase brought awareness, engagement, feedback and backers. Within ROLLS 1-week experience showcase, over NT$10 million more was raised for their crowdfunding project. 

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Why offline presence hasn’t diminished and become more and more important?

Engage and connect with your customers

In the online world, it is difficult to convert consumers. You can easily connect with customers, but at the same time, they can also be distracted by advertising and landed on a different web page easily within a second. Besides, you can have conversations with your prospects and see the body language of them. It’s much easier for you to see whether the prospect is interested and if you should continue engage, close, stop.

On the other hand, people are relatively more willing to give you their feedback offline. If you browse the comment session on online stores, not so many comments can be found when compared with the number of purchase. Also, if your customer is happy with the product and shopping journey, they usually wouldn’t be bothered to give feedback. This causes the difficulties of understanding the consumers’needs.  

Interact directly with your customers tangibly

Tangible stores engage browsers with visuals, touch, sound, smell and a sense of corporeality. This leads to more benefit to using multiple senses at once than just simply read the description of your product and the brand story. Therefore, with direct tangible interaction, your story will not only be received by the customers, but also be experienced and remembered. 

Helps to bring offline customers to online

Online-to-offline is a popular business strategy nowadays. It draws potential customers from online channels to make purchases offline. Meanwhile, bringing offline customer to online is also important for customers retention.  Offline presence can help brands to attract new customers in the real world. The brand can engage with them on a physical level, and then continue to engage with them in the online landscape. 

Raise profile and reputation

Having an offline selling point can make your product and the brand to be visible easily. This is a fantastic way to embed your brand with a sense of establishment and validation, which help to raise the profile and reputation for both product and the brand. 

How to start your bring your product offline?


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