ROLLS 1-week experience showcase

ROLLS has raised over NT$1M on Zec Zec after 1-week experience showcase.

Retail as a service

Backers Experience is our offline retail store that does not only provide retail space for products to enter a market with an affordable cost. We also collaborate with many brands to organise product experience event in our physical retail store.

Here, retail is a service for product suppliers who’d like to bring their product to a new market or provide an offline channel for customers to engage and purchase. This is not simply providing a space for the product to display offline, but provide product demonstration, experience, and feedback collection. We call this concept as retail as a service.

Recently, ROLLS Instant Roll Umbrella showcased in our Experience store in Tapei. On 7th June, we held a product experience event together. Apart from introducing their new product, it was a great opportunity for them to interact with potential customers, collect feedback, and direct interested customer to back their project through crowdfunding platform Zec Zec.

Offline engagement brings customers, money, and more...

Just after 1-week experience showcase and the weekend event, ROLLS has raised over NT$10M more for their crowdfunding project. We collected some data during the whole collaboration campaign. It shows that although the number of visitors of the offline store is much smaller than online on Zec Zec, the average time spending on the product and the spending intention is a lot higher offline (+24%).


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